(first published on Facebook 5/15/2018)


Although Jenna Elfman has undisputable acting skills her appearance in „Fear the walking Dead“ made me feel slightly uncomfortable. After Alanna Masterson she is another member of Scientology who was casted for this very fine TV-series-combo TWD/FTWD by producers a little bit too careless for my taste. The fact remains: Actors DO have an impact on society by their attitude, behaviour and the example they give with it … ESPECIALLY in countries like the USA in which superficial appearance is valued much higher than the sometimes very dark and sick reality below. I don’t think it should be considered insignificant if the sickest cult this planet has ever seen [in historical context] is able to push their promoted celebreties into the frontlines of public perception. I don’t think those actors should be rewarded for it by being drowned in these obscene amounts of money even side actors in more popular TV-Shows can get in the US . I don’t think they should be reassured to „do the right thing“, which would be – in this case – nothing but being completely nuts in an utterly harmful way, as small and insignificant Scientoilogy might be on a global scale … WHILE a Sean Penn or a Tim Robbins, who are somehow ACTUALLY doing some kind of job in making this world a better place, are considered nothing but „creepy libtards“ by a majority of US-american, window-licking dumbfucks, who voted this mentally degenerated, fascistic and racist orange clown into presedential power. I haven’t watched the episode to the end right now but i already have to state: NO MA’AM, as cute and funny you might be, i do really REALLY hope you will get EATEN ALIVE by my beloved motherfucking Zombies in between the next 22 minutes.

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