Petting the EGO

(published on Facebook 6/5/18)

People LOVE to be PARANOID … to reject any participation in any social media … especially online … protecting their „private issues“ .. as IF … this is of any relevance to anyone anyhow. I guess it is making them feel important, giving themself the impression there is something about their private life that could be worthful enough to protect … from .. whatever… and if it’s just the attention of the „common mob“, which they .. of course .. despise as fuck…. wannabe elitists they are … slightly narcisstic. YEAH FUCK.. the NSA, FBI and CIA is on my trail … cause I am soooo fucking dangerous to the „system“! Wake up, dumbfuck, you are nothing but a bore to actual secret agencies …cause they have figured out a long time ago already … that you would rather dwell in self-righteous delusions .. than actually do something … and move your fucking intellectually lazy ass.

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