THIS … is going to be a .. FABULOUS … day.

(Facebook 5/7/2018)

Wow! This is far beyond amazing. It’s just 8:37 in the morning and i recognized that about two dozend pieces of human, german trash took themselves out already [from my FB list] . They got several things in common, f.e. they are all together members of the german political party #ParteiderHumanisten … and … they pissed off without making any remark, probably cause they weren’t pleased about the postings i made about their party, to make a „brave“ statement against „vulgar and irrational anti-social scum“ like … ME … although the one guy they wanna demonstrate support to, is nothing but that kind of dude who is in serious need for a HIGH FIVE … over the HEAD … with a CHAIR! .. a narcisstic sociopath… but ME? I just gave him nothing but the verbal criticism he more than deserved. BUT they talk about me as if i am that kind of scum as described anyway. Actually i wasn’t even talking about their political party in general, but about PARTS of it, parts … who are … and i HATE to have to say that … absolutely DOMINANT in between their rows … loudmouthed, narcissistic wannabe intellectuals, whose arrogance in no way fits their intellectual abilities … not even to mention their total LACK of social competence, their emotional quotiant, which is obviously somewhere far under ZERO .. while the parts of their party which i really like (and i do ACTUALLY sympathize with the main #concept of the #PdH), so i STILL got quite some friends in there), the actual thinkers with some kind of heart, those who care about others as much as they care about themselves, the ones, who got absolutely no problem with holding their own ego back in favor of a greater good … are that kind of voices, which are basically never heard, whose ideas and suggestions to improve not only the trustworthyness of their party but even THEMSELVES in persona are mostly nothing but ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY … ignored. Well, i am more than OK with them (the first ones) leaving my circles … i don’t need that kind of attitude in my life, which i decided to be a good one just a few weeks ago … but NEVERTHELESS … i HAVE to make ONE LAST remark into their direction : „Hey, i absolutely appreciate that you finally crawled into that container-bin you definetly belong into … BUT …you forgot to CLOSE the LID of it after that. HERE … let me help you out with THAT!“

Wellwellwell … righty right … lmaoshmsfoaidmt! … the personal value of the absolutely FABULOUS chrome-extension and facebook-tool #FaceBookPurity cannot be underestimated. I am actually thinking about making my first donation into the direction of the developers of it. SKOL! 🙂

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