The luxury problems of those who are very, VERY concerned … about the wellbeing of … themselves.

A few weeks ago i had the pleasure to frolic through the areas of my city – i have to admit everything looks very pretty there – in which the people live who have been born with a silver spoon upon their asses. Rich people. Actual millionares. They are „upper class“, they live in houses the average John Doe couldn’t afford even in twenty life times …  AND … they feel absolutely elitistic about this , although most of them never really moved even a little finger during their whole lifetime to find themself in such a comfy situation. They are mostly nothing but inheritants of property not even their parents but rather their grandparents – coming from the stoic generation which rebuild my country after World War II – worked hard for. They themselves are not even used to „soft work“. Personally i am a person who would rather envy someone else for his/her intellectual abilities than for the amount of his material goods, so i am ok with it … basically. Nevertheless there is something about this people i can not stand at all.  This nasty little thing reflects pretty well in the following private but public announcement obviously one of those wankers nailed  – no, he rather „strapped“ it probaly cause of the possible pain he wanted to avoid to inflict under ANY circumstances – to more than one tree in that hood:

Wellwellwell, rightyright. Reading over it quickly, passing by, one could say, probably even would ; „Oh look, a very ‚good‘ human being put up a notice to make us ALL aware about the destruction of our environment through the devilish, greedy, cynical industry … BUT … if one actually takes the time to read the whole thing one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to translate it something like THIS :

„Hey fucking state, whose rules i basically follow, cause i am a law abiding citizen (although those rules mean no shit to me, actually i do not see the slightest value in them) : How do you even DARE to IMAGINE to cut down this tree in front of MY property. Listen … i am FUCKING RICH and not really willing to cope with the needs of poor subhuman scum.“

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